TYREX management server:
a solution to centralize the administration and the monitoring of your stations

Introducing the solution

The TYREX decontamination stations can be deployed in France and abroad. With our online management server, you can remotely monitor your TYREX fleet, configure your decontamination stations and manage user roles and permissions.

This solution is complementary to the optional Workstation Protect agent, which prevents unauthorized access to files or devices which have not been authenticated by a TYREX station.

Available as a SaaS, dedicated SaaS, On-premise or offline
Supports Windows & Linux
Compatible with many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.)


The management server is an online tool. It is ergonomic and does not require any software installation. Each TYREX station can be configured to suit your business needs using an intuitive dashboard.

How does it work ?

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Protect your organisation from USB cyber threats

Leading technology partnerships

In order to adapt to the constant evolution of cybersecurity threats, and address the latest emerging security threats, TYREX partners with cutting-edge technology companies.

 TYREX, a solution endorsed by Tech and Cyber stakeholders

French association of European cloud and cybersecurity leaders. TYREX is one of the historical members of the association, which aims to promote French cybersecurity solutions and incrrease their visibility across Europe and internattionally.

French Land Defense and Secutrity Industry Grouping. TYREX participates in the SSEM and Defense commisions in order to innovate , inform and anticipate the needs of our forces. TYREX also takes part in the EUROSATORY exibition every year.

French Defense and Naval Industrial Grouping. TYREX is involved in GICAN  to promote Cybersecurity in the technical, operational and regulatory context of the maritime and naval sector. TYREX participates in EURONAVAL and EUROMARITIME.

The Cyber Campus is the leading place for cybersecurity, bringing together the main national players. TYREX takes part all year round and can be found  on the 4th and 7th floor.

Association of users and suppliers of French cybersecurity solutions.  TYREX brings  its USB related expertise to the maritime world and also particcipates in M-CERT-FR, the French Maritime CERT.

Cyber Securrity Made in Europe is a label for cyber solutions that are entirely designed, built, marketed and supported in Europe.

The  European Cyber Security Champions Group and TYREX are  joining forces for joint R&D and marketing opportunities to conquer new markets.

BoostAerospace est une société fondée par les grands industriels de l’aéronautique et aérospatiale français, qui promeut les meilleures pratiques et standards pour l’aérospatial et les industries de défense

L’association des Forces Spéciales et des industriels pour la promotion de la R&D et l’innovation. TYREX participe au salon SOFINS.

A European-based team dedicated to protect your removable devices from cyber risks

Headquartered in France, the TYREX team is specialised in USB media protection and decontamination. In order to guarantee the highest level of security to our customers, and to adapt to the latest emerging security threats, we are continously investing in research and development.


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